RawhSounds Music Marketing

RawhSounds Music is media company, was formed to help artist market and grow their fanbase.
A modern, forward thinking company, RawhSounds is a launching pad for some of the most exciting new
talents working in music today from HipHop, Rock and Gospel music.

Get Results At An Affordable Price

Our Service is an updated on today’s targeted marketing system that shows your ad/website to be seen by hundreds of potential customers. Just enter your ad/website and team will go to work.

Your ad/website will be shown to hundred or thousands of fresh prospects. If you have ever tried to market your music or product local you probably experienced the frustration of getting people to your website. Look no further, RawhSounds Marketing specializes in the best type of highly responsive local market that will get people eyes to your website. 

If you’r an indie artist or business looking for more local marketing inbox us.